Socialerus Version 4. Meet powerful Search, insights and Premium Services

SR Coin

Creators' activities produce a wide variety of data. Socialerus creates value with that data and returns it to the creators.
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  • Just keep doing your YouTube activities as always.

    Yes, that 's enough. Do not worry about anything. You just do YouTube as hard as you can any other day. We will keep the rest in a place where we can not see.

  • The data of YouTuber should be another profit.

    Numerous portals and SNS services are doing various additional business such as advertising based on customer activity data, We rarely give value to "data" and return it to our customers. Socialerus is different. Comply with all applicable laws, analyze raw data collected to create new values, This translates to realistic economic value and is another revenue for the creators.

  • Activity of YouTuber is accumulated with objective data.

    From a channel with millions of subscribers to a channel with hundreds of subscribers, the creator's spectrum is very broad. How can Socialerus be able to share fruitfully? This troubles, which have been going on for almost two years, now begin one step. I can not disclose all the internal regulations, but I can say that "growth rate" is important. So, regardless of the size of the channel, everyone can reasonably share the fruits of Socialerus. And this error grows as the total number of participating channels increases.

  • The channel must be registered with Socialrus.

    First, the channel must be registered in Socialerus. This is because they are earned for channels that are registered every day. Please let Socialerus know that you own the channel. No one else should take your fault. From data analysis to detailed data analysis to returning economic value ... It is possible in Socialerus !!!

  • There are many ways to utilize the accumulated SR coin.

    If you earn more than a certain standard, you can use it in various ways. Within the Socialerus ecosystem, you can give support to other tubers and send gifts to your fans, You can also buy things through the linked shopping mall. The detailed policy will be released separately. First of all, you can smile while looking at your coin, which is now comfortably accumulated.

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