Socialerus Version 4. Meet powerful Search, insights and Premium Services

Socialerus FAQ

  • Question What is the Socialerus service?
    Answer Socialrus is the only platform in Korea that collects and processes YouTube Big Data to provide useful value to creators / MCN / advertisers. A robust collection / analysis / report server in Microsoft's cloud handles vast amounts of data every day, leveraging artificial intelligence to produce more detailed reports. Based on Asia's YouTube, we will make Socialerus with you!
  • Question Is Socialerus free ?
    Answer The basic service of Socialerus is free. But more data and analysis of channel are available for a low-cost Premium membership.
  • Question What is Socialerus Premium Membership ?
    Answer This is a new data provision and analysis service based on data and insights collected and analyzed by Socialerus over the past two years. A detailed overview of channels that free members can not see, subscriber/views change over the last two weeks, media, social insights compared to peer average, subscriber/views/likes/comments/Video, best video and all the data of the last 30 days. Get socialerus premium services that include everything from channel analysis.
  • Question How Can I apply for Socialerus Premium Membership ?
    Answer Please use "Apply Premium Membership" page.
  • Question How long can I use it ?
    Answer Premium Membership has serveral plans. Please find out on "Apply Premium Membership" page.
  • Question What is SR coin ?
    Answer Socialerus has been worried for over two years. There is a way for the creator to make the value of the activity data produced by YouTube activities and return it to the creator ....                                             Socialerus created a block-chain based coin to share these data values with the creator. It is to return to the actual economic value of the creator such that the fan and the creator can exchange with each other and link with the outside e-Commerce.                                             We are already able to trade through the electronic wallet, and will be notified separately about the amount of money to be earned and the policies and methods to be used directly.