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The biggest media platform in human history, Youtube

YouTube is growing exponentially today, and millions of people around the world are growing their passion by dreaming of a YouTube star. So, we are seeing a business that is armed with various ideas and technology centered on YouTube.
  • USA 845 B view
  • Europe 764 B view
  • Brazil 221 B view
  • Asia 710 B view
  • Vietnam 92 B view
  • Thai 158 B view
  • Korea 161 B view
  • Japan 139 B view

Socialerus is YouTube big data ranking and analytics platform, First in Asia
We suggest new Value and ecosystem.

Started July 2017. We have accumulated enough data and technology for the first time in Asia. Now, based on accumulated data and technology,
Socialerus is launching more innovative and in-depth services in more countries.
We invite you to Socialerus, which sets the standard for YouTube business and provides new value to both creators, AD agencies, advertisers.
Big Data A.I.
Machine Learning
  • DataBusiness
  • MediaAD Tech
  • MediaCommerce
  • Investoronly

The skills and passion required for global competition are already sufficient.

Socialerus is a small start-up. The amount invested is not large either.
But with its own technology and endless passion, it stands out against global companies that have invested more than $ 40 million.
Imagine it! If socialerus meets a strong investor, how wonderful a future can w make?

Value of Socialerus, numbers are proved. !!!

Would you like to create a future that no one could imagine?
  • 2014 Aug 21 Established
  • 2,890,944,340 KRW (USD about 2.5M)
  • RCPS49,270KRW 2018 Apr. RCPS invested. (Pre-A)
  • 6,042,226,450KRW 2018. Corporate Value (USD 5M)
Core Capability
Big Data
Sharesend of 2018

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